"Mechanic Pavlograd" LLC is an enterprise, whose specialization is the repair of electrical and mechanical equipment of enterprises of the mining industry of Ukraine. Availability of own production base, sufficient technological resources; an experienced and qualified team allows our company to provide a high level of quality services in the field of electrical machine repair, equipment for the mining and metallurgical complex.

equipment repair


Diagnosis includes examination, detection of malfunctions of mechanical and electrical parts.

Detecting defects at an early stage will prevent a sudden stop of the device.

Current repair

Current repairs are performed to restore and prevent the operation of the electric motor.

It consists in the repair or replacement of individual parts or consumables of the electric motor.


During major repairs, complete disassembly and cleaning of the ED is carried out, replacement or restoration of seats, if necessary, the windings are rewound with subsequent impregnation.

types of work

Winding of the stator windings
Winding of the rotor windings / anchors
Soldering / welding of electrical circuits
Drying / impregnation of windings
Rotor balancing / anchors
Grooving of collector contact rings
Restoration of seats
Replacement of bearings
Repair of the electric motor shaft
Electrical tests

Our advantages

We carry out capital work, average, current repair of electric motors

Repair and maintenance of electric motors both on the territory of the Contractor and on the territory of the Customer

We carry out urgent repairs of electric machines

Repair of foreign-made industrial electric motors

Repair of explosion-proof electric motors

Production of electric motors
by order.
Modernization of electric motors

Experienced specialists. Technical documentation

Guarantee 12 months

Our clients

"Mechanic Pavlograd" Limited Liability Company

Legal address:

Ukraine, 08129, Kyiv region, Buchansky District, with. Petropavlovsk Borschahivka, St. Cherkassy, 26

Address of production:

Ukraine, 51413, Dnipropetrovsk region, m. Pavlograd,

St. Tereshkina, 14-B
Telephone: (066) 182-05-16, info@mechanic-pavlograd.com


Kakhniy Dmytro Petrovych, Director

Repair and maintenance of machines and industrial equipment.